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For the woman who wants to reprogram her brain, claim her worth, and reach her highest potential.


It’s time this week to not only rest, but add joy, play and fun to your life!! The constant learning, striving, and tweaking our lives can be of HUGE benefit, but there is nothing quite like living.

This means learning: To playTo feel pleasure. To have that dance party in your panties (invite your partner, heyyyy). To treat yourself to a delicious meal, no holding back.

Cuz taking responsibility ALSO means owning the goodness in your life.

That’s why this week I want you to take a break from the program content and spend time reflecting on what makes you happy, what puts you into alignment and get playful! Ask yourself:

  • When I look at my life, where am I making things more difficult than need be?
  • How am I taking care of my emotional self and meeting my needs daily?
  • In what way can I commit to making final month of Awaken Her Soul fun, light and intentional?

Continue centering in during this rest-week and meditate for at least 10 minutes a day, every day this week (I recommend + use the One Giant Mind app).

Happy resting and playing, my love!