Spiritual mentorship + self-worth field guide

For the woman who wants to reprogram her brain, claim her worth, and reach her highest potential.

BONUSES: All bonuses will be unlocked the 8th week of the program.


Boundaries 101 Ecourse

Discover your inner voice and create boundaries to support your life. Learn to overcome people-pleasing, stop living for those expectations, gain practical tools to create boundaries, and ultimately support thriving relationships, inner peace, and the life of love you really long for. You will finally be able to have courageous conversations with your partner, communicate your needs and say “no” without guilt.


Worth More: Mastering Money Mindset

If you’re anything like me, you’re somewhere between abundance mindset (frivolously spending) and panicking over needing a budget.  In this video masterclass you will learn to upgrade your stories around money, use abundance mindset with wisdom, and ultimately treat your money like a Queen treats her Queendom, with grace, ease and mindfulness. No need to stress because you’ll see that not only are you worth making money, you are capable of managing it too. 



Webinar Exclusive Bonuses:

If you purchased Awaken Her Soul after the LIVE Confidence Webinar, you got access to 2 extra bonuses: Morning Routine Creation and The Soulful Life, Together. You can find those HERE.   

If you did not receive those bonuses and want to purchase them, contact us at hello @ madisonhedlund.co and we will insure you get access.